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Detailed Project Report

◊   Detailed project report is a complete document for investment decision-making, approval, planning after clearance / approval of feasibility study report making.

◊   Detailed project report is the base document for planning and implementing the project.

◊   Preparation of detailed project report is a main step in firming up the proposal.

◊   When an investment proposal has been approved on the basis of functional report and the proposal is a major proposal, it would be necessary for detailed project report to firm up the proposal for the capital  cost as well as the various facilities.

◊   It includes:

  • Examination of technological parameters.

  • Description of the technology to be used.

  • Broad technical specification.

  • Evaluation of the existing resources.

  • Schedule of Plan.

  • General layout.

  • Volume of work

  • Project description, Hydrology, geology, survey, design, drawing, estimate, Power Generation, Environment, financial Analysis,

  • Specifications

  • Planning and implementation of the project.

  • Pert chart.

Detailed project report is prepared for the investment decision-making and planning and execution of the project.

Based on the above facts, prepared DPR for the various projects as follows: 

a) Solar Project in Tamil Nadu
b) Gas projects in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka
c) Hydro projects in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh


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