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BGI Group through its consulting arm B&G Consultants can handle projects from concept to conceptualization. While the engineering design, procurement and project management services are available in comprehensive project packages, B&G Consultants can also provide turnkey project consultancy, project management consultancy services individually or in any combination that a client – power producers, EPC contractors and lending institutions specifies.

B&G Consultants with the help of highly qualified and experienced professionals on its rolls and a wide network of associates has always endeavored to provide state-of-the-art technology and cost effective solutions to its clients. Its expertise and competencies extend to both Conventional and Non-Conventional Power Generation – Coal and Oil-fired Thermal plants, Gas turbine based open and combined cycle plants, Biomass and Cogeneration plants, Hydel stations and solar pv.

Core services include:

1. Site assessment and surveys
2. Environment impact assessment
3. Preliminary planning
4. Evaluation of technologies
5. System studies
6. Feasibility and detailed project reports

Design Engineering

1. Basic studies/engineering
2. Design calculations and drawings
3. Enquiry specifications
4. Technical bid analysis
5. Vendor drawing review

Procurement assistance

1. Vendor prequalification
2. Issuing enquiries and receiving offers
3. Commercial bid evaluation
4. Purchase recommendation
5. Purchase order preparation

Project management and co-ordination

1. Project planning, scheduling and control
2. Budgetary and cost control
3. Communication management
4. Interface co-ordination
5. Contract administration
6. Liaison with statutory authorities

Inspection and expediting

1. Vendor appraisal
2. Stagewise inspection
3. Final inspection
4. Expediting deliveries

Construction supervision

1. Planning of field activities
2. Scheduling, monitoring and control of field activities
3. Supervision
4. Certification
5. Safety
6. Site coordination

Commissioning support

1. Site performance tests
2. O & M manual preparation
3. As-built documentation
4. Training of owner’s personnel
5. Trouble shooting


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