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Project Management

BGI Group through its consulting arm B&G Consultants can handle projects from concept to conceptualization. While the engineering design, procurement and management services are available in comprehensive project packages, B&G Consultants can also provide turnkey project consultancy, project management consultancy services individually or in any combination that a client – power producers, EPC contractors and lending institutions specifies.

B&G Consultants with the help of highly qualified and experienced professionals on its rolls and a wide network of associates has always endeavored to provide state-of-the-art technology and cost effective solutions to its clients. Its expertise and competencies extend to both Conventional and Non-Conventional Power Generation – Coal and Oil-fired Thermal plants, Gas turbine based open and combined cycle plants, Biomass and Cogeneration plants, Hydel stations and solar pv.

Core services include:

>> Pre-project activities
Site assessment and surveys
Environment impact assessment
Preliminary planning
Evaluation of technologies
System studies

Feasibility and detailed project reports

>> Design Engineering
Basic studies/engineering
Design calculations and drawings
Enquiry specifications
Technical bid analysis
Vendor drawing review

>> Procurement assistance
Vendor prequalification
Issuing enquiries and receiving offers
Commercial bid evaluation
Purchase recommendation
Purchase order preparation

>> Project management and co-ordination
Project planning, scheduling and control
Budgetary and cost control
Communication management
Interface co-ordination
Contract administration
Liaison with statutory authorities

>> Inspection and expediting
Vendor appraisal
Stagewise inspection
Final inspection
Expediting deliveries

>> Construction supervision
Planning of field activities
Scheduling, monitoring and control of field activities
Site coordination

>> Commissioning support
Site performance tests
O & M manual preparation
As-built documentation
Training of owner’s personnel
Trouble shooting


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