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Training and Development 

B&G’s Human Resource Strategy is to develop and sustain critical competencies and to leverage on these, through a facilitating structure and culture.

At B&G on-the-job training commences with induction, and continues until one is deemed competent by his/her supervisor. From time to time, training sessions will be conducted internally to help employees to acquire or improve skills in safety operations, compliance and other professional skills. Employees are also invited and encouraged to attend external courses to improve their professional and operational skills. Employees are expected to make themselves available for these except in extenuating circumstances.

The Management ensures that every employee undergoes at least one technical/professional training program in relevant field (as applicable) and one personal development/general management skill training program once in a year.

The employee learning plans are:

  • Business Driven

  • Personalised; and

  • On the job / job specific

As per the HR strategy, the input for the training need identification is obtained from:

  • Business Requirements

  • Skill matrix / Competency requirements

  • Environment System Procedure requirements

  • Performance Appraisal.

  • The needs identified are consolidated in the form of a training calendar. The program deliverables are met by finding the suitable internal or external faculty.


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