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Code of Conduct

At B & G Group, meaning B & G Infrastructure Company Pvt. Ltd., and all of its subsidiaries, we recognize the importance of maintaining the trust and confidence of our customers, our employees, our shareholders, our regulators and other stakeholders. We achieve this by acting fairly, reasonably and honestly with all of these groups and with the required levels of skill, professionalism and integrity. This forms the basis for the continued success of our business and the protection of our reputation which is one of our most valuable assets.

The Code of Conduct and Ethics which outlines the standards of behavior expected of all staff, irrespective of the jurisdiction in which they operate. Each member of staff is expected to act in accordance with the standards and values as set out in this Code. The activities of the Group and its entire staff are governed by this Code together with the other internal policies and procedures which support and compliment this Code.

We expect all staff to follow the spirit as well as the letter of this Code. For the avoidance of doubt, the word ‘Staff’ includes, members of the Board of Directors, all senior management, officers and employees of B & G Group companies.

The regulations, policies and standards outlined in this Code are to be interpreted as the minimum standards to be applied to all Group entities and subsidiaries. Should additional or more stringent standards or regulations apply in any of the Group’s subsidiaries or branches then these will be applied locally.

The Board of Directors of B & G Group will regularly review this Code to ensure its effectiveness and continued relevance. The Board is committed to ensuring a strong best practice environment.

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